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262168 "yorkshireman@y..." <yorkshireman@y...> 2017‑04‑14 Re: Woodcarving.................... by CHEAT!!
> On 14 Apr 2017, at 04:44, scott grandstaff  wrote:
>       OK this is too weird guys.
>  Remember the Chinese chisels?

Yep, I remember.  And I had the same thoughts I’ll bet you did too.  “How do
they do all that with tools like these?”  even allowing for the old fashioned
idea of selling a tool as a kit and expecting the craftsman to refine and polish

Thousands of years of civilisation is bound to produce the easiest way to remove
timber by hand.  One day, our society will evolve something similar.  If we’re
around that long of course.

Great to have a happy ending to the chisels story though.

Richard Wilson
Northumbrian Galoot.

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