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262021 Charlie Driggs <cdinde@v...> 2017‑03‑20 Re: An Amish Yard Sale
Bill relates a typical interaction with his Amish neighbors in my experience.
LOML has been making jam for at least two decades, and we found the most
reliable supplier to be an Amish family that runs a store selling their farm's
produce and decorative plants.  Great people, but it took a good five years of
repeat business and showing interest in their work and family before they
welcomed our business and actively notify us when they will have what we need.
Way too many people fail to respect their rights and preferences, yet their way
is to turn the other cheek - and steer clear.

I will add that there used to be a business in Intercourse, PA run by a young
Amish man who only sold woodworking and household tools.  He sold some that were
worn out for the decoration market, but if I asked them he would lead me to the
good stuff.  Last time I was there, his shop was gone.  Nice guy.

Charlie Driggs

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