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262018 "Frank Filippone" <red735il@g...> 2017‑03‑20 Re: Yosegi
What I was mesmerized by is the jigs he has created to glue up the sub
And the precisely correct amount of glue used....]
And the thinness of the Table saw blade used to power cut the veneers......
And the upside down plane, the hand power required to make it work...
And let's not forget the dimensions of the final veneer.... 0.2mm or about 8
thousandths or 1/128 of an inch thick........
And then they iron the veneer!

And we think we are artisans........

Frank Filippone

We have all seen the art of yosegi where tiny pieces of colored wood are
glued tgether then (traditionally) a hand pane is used to shave off thin
thin pieces for veneering boxes and small items.  This video show them using
some machines, so don't look at that part.  Go to about 3:50


for the giant upside down hand plane that they use to cut the thin pieces.
I big lever and a rope pull the piece across the blade while the assistant
holds the piece down.

Then at about 5:00 check the gluing set up - 2 steel octagons and cauls
shaped like barrel staves. 

Ed Minch

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