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162320 "Ken Vaughn" <kvaughn65@e...> 2006‑08‑03 Re: Wyeth chisels and a question
> You should try to get in touch with the guy on this page:
> http://www.thckk.org/mailbox.html
> Scroll down--you'll see it.

Thanks Brian,

I had visited the "thckk" site before but did not look at all the 
correspondence.  The shield emblem which he describes as from a saddle 
is exactly the mark on the large (1 1/4") chisel.  The top of the mark 
on my chisel is faint so I never knew what it looked like.  I will 
follow up with the author of that letter.

I looked at some of the Witherbys on your website and agree that there 
is a lot of similarity.  My 1 1/4" Wyeth has an identical profile to 
the paring chisel you show on your site (More Witherby Chisels from My 
Collection).  The graceful curve toward the edge of the chisel is 
identical to my 1 1/4" and two or three others.  The 1/8 lock mortise 
chisel looks very much like my 1/8" also.

Ken Vaughn


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