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162309 "Ken Vaughn" <kvaughn65@e...> 2006‑08‑03 Wyeth chisels and a question
I checked the archives but didn't find much on Wyeth.  Here's what I
know.  Wyeth Hardware was located in St. Joseph, Missouri.  They were
one of the hardware companies, similar to Simmons, Shapleigh, Belknap,
HSB (OVB), and others.  In the latter 1800's and early 1900's they
supplied farmers and ranchers of the central and western plains with
tools and hardware.  My wife's grandfather lived in eastern Kansas,
not far from St. Joseph, and he owned a number of Wyeth hand tools
which I inherited.  These included some auger bits and 5 Wyeth
chisels.  I have since found 3 more chisels.


The makers (sellers) marks are different.  The mark on the largest
chisel is quite elaborate, some are simply stamped Wyeth, but most
look like this:


The large Wyeth chisel is my favorite hand tool.  I use it all the
time, but only need to hone it every couple of years.  It holds an
edge extremely well and you could shave with it.

Question:  Does anyone have any information on who may have made the
chisels for Wyeth?  Even an educated guess would be appreciated.

Ken Vaughn


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