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159172 cpmueller@c... (Pete & Christine Mueller) 2006‑04‑09 Bowsaw Finished

Some time ago fellow galoot Dave Tobbe brought over a bag of parts. A
roll your own bowsaw kit in maple with mahogany paddle. The templates, I
believe, were based on Bugbear's site. The instructions certainly were.

The handles are left over sapele scraps I have.

So I put it away for a while. Finished it today. Small pics at GIC
beginning here:


Tools used were multiple honking big rasps, files, spokeshaves, coping
saw, brace and augers, chisels and dt saw. Finish is Behlen Brown Maple
with Danish oil and wax.

This is a fun project. Ain't got a bowsaw? Go to Bugbear's site and
start making one. They are easy.

Very Best Regards,

Pete Mueller Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan


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