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113399 paul womack <pwomack@e...> 2003‑01‑20 Re: saw sharpening made a little easier
Jeff Gorman wrote:
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> : From: Michael McCarthy [mailto:mccarthymp@h...]
> : Sent: 17 January 2003 14:42
> : To: oldtools
> : Subject: [oldtools] Re: saw sharpening made a little easier
> :
> :    A question for the porch:  On small back saws (12-18)I have heard
> : that no set is required.
> The saw needs some steerage way in the kerf. Otherwise once launched,
> the saw will be obliged to follow the initial direction.

I though many people considered this a desirable FEATURE,
at least in dovetail saws.

In hardwoods I find the filing burr provides adequate
kerf clearance.


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