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113304 paul womack <pwomack@e...> 2003‑01‑17 Re: saw sharpening made a little easier
Michael McCarthy wrote:
>   A question for the porch: On small back saws (12-18)I have heard
>   that no set is required. Does this jibe with what you have heard as
>   well? If indeed they do benefit from a set, and I see no reason they
>   should not, how would you set them??

In the sort of timbers (and cuts) were such small teeth would be used,
you're not going to need much set. In the particular case of dovetail
saws, where cuts are shallow, I rely on the filing burr from sharpening
to provide enough set. I suspect I could even stone this off, and still
cut DT's OK - a saw has very limited scope for binding in a 1/2" deep
cut in 1/4" stock!

To set small teeth requires an appropriate tool. I'm sure people who own
the famous Stanley #42X will comment on its suitablity, but I only have
(ready and cheap) access to the Eclipse #77 saw set.

In order to suitable set small teeth, I have modified one of my #77's
(did I mention "cheap") to have a narrower plunger, and shallower
anvil disc.

d=113063#message (search down for Eclipse)

When sharpening such smll teeth I would also recommend very good light,
and possibly magnification.


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