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112181 Russ Allen <rcallen@x...> 2002‑12‑07 Re: brass casting shops?
Dave Swanson wrote:

> Sorry for such a late reply to this thread, but I have an old reference
> to: ABC Manufacturing & Foundry (773 826-3413).  I believe that they are
> somewhere in IL, just outside of Chicago.
> I really don't know much about this company, but I do believe that several
> Galoots visited the place.

   ABC is no longer in business.  Wes and I attended the auction so
some of its posessions will live on.  They did sand casting rather
than lost wax.  Another nearby foundry has the patterns from ABC
(including some of mine) and does sand casting.  They can be reached
at the old ABC phone number.  The other foundry is American Precision
Castings- somewhat confusing as its initials are APC.  Pictures of
our trip to ABC were lost with the demise of @home.com.  Did anyone
save a copy?  It was part of the Galootapalooza III recap.
   As for lost wax, the community college near my house offers a
continuing education class in it through the art department.  I'll 
think I'll take the class sometime soon to expand my horizons.

Russ Allen

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