Recent Observations

species location description date comments
Moose Front 40
(64.892, -147.879)
Ran down Railroad, ducked onto 40 2017‑04‑28 Pair yearlings
Ruby-crowned Kinglet Home Trees on the creek near the house 2017‑04‑27
Red-tailed Hawk Front 40
(64.891, -147.880)
Flying overhead 2017‑04‑26 Harlan’s
Snowshoe Hare Home In front of Elizabeth shed 2017‑04‑24
Sandhill Crane Home Back five 2017‑04‑24
Snowshoe Hare Home Across the creek where the bridge was 2017‑04‑16
Slate-colored Junco Home Spruce just off the deck 2017‑04‑13
American Robin Goldstream Valley
(64.923, -147.936)
Top of tree 2017‑04‑12
Snowshoe Hare Home Across slough, near dog yard 2017‑04‑11
American Three-toed Woodpecker Home At the deck door 2017‑03‑25 Male
American Three-toed Woodpecker Home Spruce next to red cabin 2017‑03‑09
Great Horned Owl Home Behind red cabin? 2017‑02‑22
Gray Jay Home Deck fence 2017‑02‑18
Hairy Woodpecker Home Suet feeder 2017‑02‑15
Northern Red-backed Vole Home Trail behind the house 2017‑02‑01

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