Recent Observations

species location description date comments
Spruce Grouse Goldstream Valley
(64.893, -147.875)
Railroad dr 2020‑09‑15
Rusty Blackbird Goldstream Valley
(64.887, -147.881)
Along Miller Hill before Fox Hollow 2020‑09‑14 More than a dozen
Common Raven Home Sitting on the dead birch in the dog yard 2020‑09‑10
Yellow-shafted Flicker Home Dog yard fence 2020‑09‑09
Snowshoe Hare Home Hopping on the road 2020‑09‑04
American Kestrel Home Dog yard 2020‑09‑04 Fight between kestrel and Canada Jay
Varied Thrush Home Trees west of the house 2020‑09‑03
Ermine Home Around the bridge 2020‑09‑03
American Kestrel Home Trees between the slough and road 2020‑09‑01 Two
Spruce Grouse Home Driveway 2020‑08‑30 Five
Sharp-shinned Hawk Home Right side of dog yard 2020‑08‑26
Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) Warbler Home Birch tree near feeders 2020‑08‑21
Townsend’s Warbler Home Birch tree near feeders 2020‑08‑19
Ruby-crowned Kinglet Home Birch tree next to feeders 2020‑08‑18
Orange-crowned Warbler Home Birch tree next to feeders 2020‑08‑18
Downy Woodpecker Home Larger tube feeder 2020‑08‑17 Male right behind me as I sit on the deck
Pine Siskin Home On feeder 2020‑08‑15
Solitary Sandpiper Home In driveway 2020‑08‑08
Snowshoe Hare Front 40
(64.892, -147.864)
Next to the trail 2020‑08‑06
Swainson’s Thrush Front 40
(64.892, -147.866)
In the woods 2020‑07‑09
Spruce Grouse Home End of slough near dog yard 2020‑07‑07
Solitary Sandpiper Home In the slough 2020‑07‑07 With a baby!
Spruce Grouse Goldstream Valley
(64.887, -147.881)
Just past shayles 2020‑07‑06
Spruce Grouse Front 40
(64.892, -147.870)
Along the trail 2020‑07‑06 Spiffy male
Solitary Sandpiper Home In the slough 2020‑07‑06
Belted Kingfisher Home Flew from slough to creek 2020‑07‑02
Spruce Grouse Home Just off the trail 2020‑06‑30
Red Fox Home Near green bus 2020‑06‑27
Spruce Grouse Home Middle of the driveway 2020‑06‑27
American Kestrel Home Slough, dog yard 2020‑06‑24 Harassing GHOW
Great Horned Owl Home Birch across slough near dog yard 2020‑06‑24 Harassed by kestrel

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