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#37:  Regency Porter (Brown Porter)
  • A historic brown porter, characterized by a 7:2:1 ratio between pale, brown and black malts that was common in the early 1800's. Black patent malt, used to darken beer brewed with more efficient pale malt instead of an all-brown malt grist, was patented in 1817 (British Patent Number 4112) and was already in use at Whitbread's Brewery that same year.
  • The name comes from the period in British History known as the Regency after Prince Regent assumed the throne in 1811 when his father went mad.
Chris Swingley 

Recipe (for 5 gallons final volume)
6.5 pounds (69%) Crisp Maris Otter Pale Malt
1.25 pounds (13%) Crisp Brown Malt
1.0 pound (10%) Flaked Barley
9.0 ounces (6%) Black Patent Malt
3.0 ounces (2%) Chocolate Malt

1.0 ounce   U.S. Willamette whole hops, 5.1% AA (first wort hop)
1.0 ounce   U.S. Willamette whole hops, 5.1% AA (60 minutes)

0.25 teaspoon   Irish Moss (15 minutes)

  • White Labs WLP022 Essex Ale Yeast, pitched at 72°F
  • Starter: Top crop from previous recipe stored under distilled water in fridge, pitched into 1 quart sterile wort a few days early, crash cooled, decanted, warmed.
  • Aeration: Drill aerator for three minutes after pitching

  • Fairbanks city water
  • 37.25 quarts  water treated with:
    •  1 Campden tablet. removes chlorine ion and chloramine, reduces oxidation
    • 1 teaspoon Gypsum. adds 29 ppm Calcium, 70 ppm Sulfite (shooting for London water)
    • 1/4 teaspoon Pickling salt. adds 34 ppm Sodium, 53 ppm Clorine ion (probably reduced by Campden)

  • 14.25 quarts water @ 164°F, grist ratio of 1.5 quarts:pound @ 154°F (Held 90 minutes), 145 at the end of the mash

  • 6.5 quarts water @ 205°F, drain
  • 16.5 quarts water @ 168°F, drain

  • Boiled 7.75 gallons for 90 minutes to yield 5.0 gallons wort
  • Outdoor temperature 0 F, causing greater evaporation, lower final volume, and higher starting gravity.

  • Primary: bucket, 7 days, 68°F, 1.016 at transfer to secondary
  • Secondary: glass, 14 days, 66°F

  • Kegged at 8 psi, 50°F (1.8 volumes CO2)
  • Conditioned for 7 weeks
  • Ready to drink on 12-Feb-2005

Starting Gravity: 1.048 Final Gravity: 1.016
Original Extract: 11.9°plato Apparent Extract: 4.08°plato
Real Extract: 5.55°plato
Alcohol: 4.2% by volume (3.3% by weight)
Apparent Attenuation: 65.8% Mash Efficiency: 71%
Bitterness: 27 IBU Color: 30 SRM
BU:SG: 0.56 BV: 1.00

Tasting Notes
  • 14-Mar-2005 (14 weeks) -- Excellent beer. Not very bitter compared to a Northwest-style porter, but it's rich, creamy and malty with just enough bitterness and roasted flavor to balance the sweetness.

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