Beer Brewing Equipment -- Brewpot

spigot tube inside spigot tube
hot break boiling

The tube on the inside of the pot is a short section of 1/4 inch copper tubing (which has an OD of 3/8") that fits tightly into the spigot hole on the inside of my brewpot. With the end of the tube touching the bottom of the pot near the edge (as shown), it does a great job of draining the pot of wort, without allowing the hot break material into the fermentor.

The lower images show the hot break from Piper's Red Ale, and my boiling setup. The shield is a piece of aluminum roof flashing, with cutouts for the propane intake and pot spigot. Also, for winter brewing, putting the propane tank in a tub of warm water helps keep the propane flowing. It was around 0°F when this photo was taken.

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