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Recent bird observations

Observations from the last 3 months.

CodeCommon NameLocationDescriptionDateComments
ATTWAmerican Three-toed WoodpeckerHomeDog Island2024-06-22Heard only
SOSASolitary SandpiperHomeSlough2024-06-22
WEWPWestern Wood-PeweeHome2024-06-15Heard only
HAWOHairy WoodpeckerHomeOn suet and peanut butter feeders2024-06-14Adult female feeding baby
ALFLAlder FlycatcherHomeSomewhere across the slough2024-06-10Heard only
TOWATownsend’s WarblerHome2024-06-09Across creek maybe
OSFLOlive-sided FlycatcherHomeToward front 402024-06-09Heard only
OCWAOrange-crowned WarblerHomeFront yard to right of dog yard 2024-06-07Heard only
YSFLYellow-shafted FlickerHomeMiller Hill and Railroad2024-06-05Pair
SWTHSwainson’s ThrushHomeDog yard fence2024-05-30
HALHHarlan’s HawkHomeOver the house2024-05-29Pair, with an angry raven
NOWANorthern WaterthrushHomeAlong slough2024-05-25Heard only
SWTHSwainson’s ThrushHomeOn dog island maybe2024-05-24Have been hearing calls in the middle of the night for several days
LISPLincoln’s SparrowHomeNear yellow bus2024-05-17Seen mating
AMWIAmerican WigeonHomeOn creek in front of back cabin2024-05-15Pair
WISNWilson’s SnipeHomeWinnowing above the dog yard2024-05-13
LISPLincoln’s SparrowHomeNear dog island 2024-05-11Heard only
WISNWilson’s SnipeFront 40Near thermokarst acres2024-05-09
WCSPWhite-crowned SparrowHomeTree next to red cabin2024-05-07
GWCSGambel’s White-crowned SparrowHomeOn pallet in dog yard2024-05-07
COGOCommon GoldeneyeHomeCreek in front of the house2024-05-06
AMROAmerican RobinHomeFlew from driveway to house number pole2024-05-05
MYWAYellow-rumped (Myrtle) WarblerHomeOn birch tree on west side of house 2024-05-04
AMROAmerican RobinHomeBehind house2024-05-04Heard only
COGOCommon GoldeneyeHomeOn the creek past back cabin2024-05-02
BUFFBuffleheadHomeCreek near Tacoma2024-05-02Flew toward red cabin
GCSPGolden-crowned SparrowHomeTree next to Tacoma2024-04-30
BUFFBuffleheadHomeCreek in front of back cabin2024-04-30
MALLMallardHomeCreek near bridge2024-04-29Pair
SACRSandhill CraneHomeFlying over the house2024-04-28
AMKEAmerican KestrelHomeDead tree on/near Dog Island2024-04-27Pair
AMROAmerican RobinGoldstream ValleyTop of the road2024-04-27
SACRSandhill CraneUniversity of Alaska FairbanksEstle and Skarland near Ned2024-04-27Heard only
NOHANorthern HarrierUniversity of Alaska FairbanksT Field2024-04-27
RCKIRuby-crowned KingletHomeDog Island2024-04-24Heard only
MALLMallardHomeBehind back cabin2024-04-24
SCJUSlate-colored JuncoHomeCorner feeders2024-04-21
BAEABald EagleFront 40Pair flying above front 402024-04-20
BAEABald EagleGoldstream ValleySauna2024-04-19
SPGRSpruce GrouseHomeFlew across creek2024-04-16
SPGRSpruce GrouseHomeNear back cabin2024-04-08Female
SPGRSpruce GrouseHomeTree above Tacoma2024-04-06
SPGRSpruce GrouseHomeBelow tray feeder2024-03-29

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