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94925 "Ralph Brendler" <ralph.brendler@a...> 2001‑07‑06 Galootapalooza is coming...
T-Minus 30 days and counting!

So far, we have about 15 galoots (from as far away as Oregon!) planning to
descend on the Chicago area the first weekend of August to partake in the
ultimate lost weekend of galootdom-- Galootapalooza!

If you can make it, you really should-- it's a wonderful time.  Just RSVP to
me, and I'll put you on the list.  For a rough schedule and recaps of the
last 5 Galootapaloozas, check out Russ Allen's Galootapalooza page:


Also, if you would like to take a place in the *free* Shaker box making
workshop I am offering that weekend, please let me know.  As of right now
only one person has signed up-- I can handle up to 4 more...

Ralph Brendler
Galootapalooza VI Coordinator

Recent Bios FAQ