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94641 Moses and Meg <myoder@n...> 2001‑06‑28 Re: Galootapalooza VI!
At 03:57 PM 06/28/2001 -0400, Joshua Clark wrote:

>Wow, I'm jealous.. sounds like a great time.  So when are we northeast
>galoots going to plan a get-together?  There's gotta be enough people
>around New England to be able to make this happen!
>-Josh in CT-

         We all know there's no tools in the north east, wouldn't be worth 
the hassle of getting together to look at them. And my second thought, 
Connecticut is not so far from Chikago is it?

         Looking forward to seeing Todd at the  Galootapaloozer

         Moses Yoder
         White Pigeon MI

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