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82048 "Palazzolo, Joe" Joe.Palazzolo@i... 2000‑08‑09 Still More Galootapalooza recap

If only for the purpose of getting the correct spelling of my name out, I
will now contribute my two cents to the latest Galoot gathering.  Like
everyone else, I'd like to thank Doug for providing a place and meal for the
assembled group.  Tod's demo of making an epoxy filler was interesting and
one of those things where you say to yourself: "that's neat, why didn't I
think of that?"  Ralph's boxmaking demo was (as always) a treat watch.  As
has been noted, I did score a very nice, repaired, Stanley #62 (Low angle
jack plane) with great wood, plenty of japanning, and _no_ chips in the
mouth.  Price: $150.  I picked the thing up off the seller's table, looked
at the mouth, checked the price, picked my jaw up from the ground, and
called Ralph to come over and take a look.  Even though the seller had a
"repaired" sticker on the cheek (of the plane, not his face) I hadn't
noticed the repair job.  It was a very nice piece of work and I had a smile
on my face that could be seen from the back.

Galootapalooza is always a great event - I also encourage anyone who can to
have one for themselves.  For those of you who may not have heard, there is
an M-WTCA event in South Whitley, Indiana, on Sunday, August 20.  South
Whitley is about 30 minutes west of Fort Wayne, or 2 hours east of Mokena,
Il.  This event is another chance to get together with some cool tool guys,
look at some cool tools, and maybe score some bargains to fill in your
collection.  Last year I came away with a bunch of Stanley Everlasting
chisels, and two years ago I met Bill Marlowe, a pretty  neat guy in the
toolmaker department
(http://www.geocities.com/PicketFence/3212/galoot/marlowe.html).  If you
need more info on the meet, ping me offlist and I'll get the info to you.

Joe Palazzolo
Still smiling in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


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