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80364 ralph.brendler@a... (Ralph Brendler) 2000‑06‑28 Re: Chicago-area Galootapalooza V
[snip-- Doug finally lets the Galootapalooza cat out of the bag]

Ah, yes--  The original "lost weekend" of galootdom is nearly upon us!

For those who aren't familiar with Galootapalooza, this is the weekend that
I look forward to more than any other.  It's got everything:  Galoot
camraderie, hands-on tool comparisons, demonstrations of techniques, flea
market raiding, an MWTCA meet, show and tell, you name it.  If you can make
it, you really should.  It's a real blast.

> - Make a Shaker Box with Ralph Brendler. Visit the place where Gages go
> and crank the Barnes ripsaw. (The class size is limited, contact Ralph for
> details)

As Doug says, I will once again be offering an alternative to the flea
market raid on Saturday afternoon: a Shaker box-making workshop for up to 5
folks.  Each student will leave with their own set of boxes, made without
harming *any* electrons.  I'll also be providing a pizza lunch and tour of
the marking gage museum... ;-)

I've attached the full information about the class.  If you would like to
attend, please RSVP to me. Reservations will be first-come first-serve, so
get your RSVP in early!


Date:     Saturday 8/5
Time:     11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Cost:     $30/person (covers all materials)

We will be building a set of Shaker boxes in sizes 1-3.  I will provide all
necessary jigs and materials, but each student will need to bring a couple
of basic tools (detailed below).

I'd like everyone who attends to have a basic idea of the steps involved
before the class.  I'll go through them during the class, but folks should
have at least some familiarity beforehand.  I will be teaching basically
from the instructions on my web page (we will not be making our own bands in
the class, though), so check out:


Each student should bring:

- Heavy-duty utility knife (the kind with the non-retractable blade)
- *Sharp* block plane w/adjustable mouth
- .5mm mechanical pencil w/extra leads

We will also need several sets of the following, but will not need one for
every student.  If you have one, bring it along-- we'll share them:

- Small (8-10 oz) ball-peen hammer
- Push drill with a #1 (1/16") bit
- Eggbeater drill with 1/16" and 5/64" twist bits
- Side Cutting pliers

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