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64045 ralph.brendler@a... (Ralph Brendler) 1999‑06‑15 GALOOTAPALOOZA IV!
That's right, it's *that* time of year again!  Time for the Flatlanders'
annual exercise in neanderthal debauchery, the original "lost weekend" of
tooldom, the one, the only--Galootapalooza!  (How's that for a big buildup,
Russ?) ;-)

This event is always timed to coincide with the MWTCA regional meet in
LaFox, so this year's dates are July 31st and August 1st.  We will be
getting together for various activities on Saturday, including:

- the traditional assualt on the Kane County Flea Market (the galootapalooza
mosh pit)

- tours of local sites of interest to galoots (the Frank Lloyd Wright
studio, a working foundry, and a musical instrument factory have been
mentioned as possibilities)

- a Shaker boxmaking class

and of course the famous Saturday night BBQ/show&tell/tool demos, hosted
this year by North Brothers maniac and all around good fella Jerry Serviss
up in the northwest 'burbs.  For some shot's of last year's fun, check out

Also, in an effort to make the event a little more "family-friendly", Cheri
Allen (SWMBO to Russ) will host an informal backyarder Saturday afternoon
for any SWMBOs/GITs that don't want to be dragged around the flea market by
a rust-crazed galoot...

Sunday morning dawns bright and early over one of the premier MWTCA meets in
the country-- the Garfield Farm meet in LaFox, Illinois.  This is always a
well-attended meet, with dealers from all over the midwest.

So, mark your calendars for 7/31-8/1, and plan to be in "da Grade Ciddy ub
Chicagah" for a weekend of great tooling and camraderie.  RSVP to Russ
(rallen@m...) or myself (ralph.brendler@a...) if you can come.
More details will follow for those attending...

Hope to see you all there!

Ralph & Russ-- Galootapalooza IV coordinators

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