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47690 Sutton <suttons@e...> 1998‑08‑08 G'palooza 3- what, again?

Just wanted to toss in my two bits about G'palooza 3, hosted this year for
Chicago-land galoots by Mike Lindgren. Thanks, Mike. All that nice stuff
people said about him already is true. I think the previous posts omitted to
mention that the "homemade" pies everybody enjoyed were also Mike's

I had the great pleasure of having my various scrapers (a Sargent, a woodie,
and a hand-held scraper) tuned up and demonstrated by Ralph Brendler. I
hadn't been able to produce anything but dust in my prior attempts, but the
other night I decided to use them to strip the finish off of an oak table
leaf. Ladies and gentlemen, I produced SHAVINGS!

I was much encouraged. Passing through the kitchen I spotted a maple cutting
board I had tried to resurface with a smooth plane. I'd torn the heck out of
it it the process (it's edge-joined pieces and has grain running every which
way). Wulll, I'll be danged if I didn't work out every last torn-out spot.
What a tool!. Thanks Ralph!

The flea market was kind of a wash, though I did pick up a very rusty hewing
hatchet with a very nice handle. The MWTCA swap was a special kind of
pleasure, and I picked up a number of odds and ends and a lovely English pad
saw  in walnut and brass.

That's it for me! It was great meeting everybody face to face, and I hope to
see many of you before G'palooza 4.


David Sutton
Sutton Studios
1532 Crain St.
Evanston, IL 60202

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