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42276 Walt Lane <walrus@k...> 1998‑04‑29 Consolidated Tool Works - Bench Plane

Esteemed GG's

I sent out this request some time ago, 
but received only one response which
had no ID assistance.  Sorry to waste the
bandwidth again, but I have no other 
place to turn at this moment.  Any ideas
on this company, dates, location, length
of production, etc.?

Many thanks.

"I have come into possession of a #4 size bench plane
made by the Consolidated Tool Works, Inc. with
the PILOT brand in a ship's wheel on the iron.

I cannot seem to find any info on this company in my
meager library.  Do any of you have an idea of when
this plane may have been made?  MJD catalogue has
an entry for a caliper in both the 1996 and 1998 edition
indicating this was a New York company.


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