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3391 "Brendler, Ralph" <ralph@s...> 1996‑08‑05 Galootapalooza recap
Well, this past weekend was the first of (hopefully) many
galootapaloozas here in Chicago.  A great time was had by
all, and I think everyone looks forward to the next meeting.
I am constantly amazed at the cordiality of the galoot
community.  To paraphrase Will Rogers, "I've never met a
galoot I didn't like!"

To save some net bandwidth for the other gloaters, I put a
summary on my web page, complete with some pictures from the
weekend.  Check it out, and I hope to see you at the next


Ralph Brendler (ENB/FOYBIPO)   Chicago, IL
"I prefer not to anthropomorphize tools, they hate that."  

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