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277769 scottg <scottg@s...> 2023‑09‑21 Re: Wooden plane shrinkage?
gary allan may wrote:
> ...if you have any files around that you want to ruin
   No, taking 1/64 off the full length of a blade on both sides..........
wants that big heavy 8" hand cranked grinder you have in the corner lol
In fact, thick tapered blades from old woodies always want a grinder.
That steel was just as hard as they could make it. And thick as they 
are, making an adequate bevel requires removing steel.
  Once you do have a new to the back, beautiful deep hollow grind, they 
perform superbly, but it takes some getting there.

   Its kind of funny really. The early blades were hard as a whores 
heart. People got tired of that and formulated vanadium tool steel that 
would take and hold a killer edge easy, but then be easy to resharpen.

   Somehow over the generations people totally forgot what everyone had 
learned once, and are back to hustling the brick hard steel again. In 
plane blades anyway.

As for me, I still want a minty Sweetheart please
yours scott

    Scott Grandstaff
    Box 409 Happy Camp, Ca  96039

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