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277768 Adam R. Maxwell 2023‑09‑21 Re: [Sender Verification Fail] Wooden plane shrinkage?
> On Sep 20, 2023, at 17:08 , Matthew Groves  wrote:
> This (age) is the reason for so many blown cheeks and misaligned profiles,
though of course a move from a higher RH climate to a lower one can exacerbate
the process.

Yep, I've noticed shrinkage in chisel handles and plane infills since moving
across the state to a low RH climate several years ago, as well as loose plane
totes and saw handles. I haven't observed any binding of irons, but am now
thinking I should probably check over the user stash a bit more carefully.

On a related note, my recollection is that I used quartersawn blanks with the
rings running across the body to make hollows and rounds, in order to minimize
profile (width) changes with humidity.

Benton City, WA

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