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277742 Bob Page 2023‑09‑15 Re: Bubble wrap marks on "true oil" finish?

I have been using TruOil for decades on firearms and tool handles. It is a very
forgiving product.

My regular process is to apply three coats of TruOil and then sand back to the
surface of the wood. This fills the pores and smooths the surface for the finish
coats. Usually three to four thin coats are applied until the surface is smooth
and glossy. Sometimes, I will leave it like that. Other times, I'll cut back the
gloss with 0000 steel wool and apply a paste wax for a satin finish.

I've never had an issue with layer adhesion of any kind. I once had trouble with
the finish on a plane handle that blushed due to moisture trapped in the film,
but that was back when I used to use chemical strippers for removing old finish.
I now use a card scraper.

Advise your friend to thoroughly clean the gunstock to remove wax and oil before
sanding or applying more finish. Naphtha does a fine job without affecting the
finish itself.

Bob Page
In da U.P. of Michigan

On Friday, September 15, 2023 at 03:26:23 PM EDT, Esther  wrote: 

Gentle galoots,

I have a finish question from a friend of my sister who is a gun 
repairer/dealer.  He has a gun that was wrapped in bubble wrap for a 
number of years and it has left marks in the transparent finish that 
mirror the bubbles, like it melted slightly and resolidified.  He thinks 
the finish is "true oil" and was wondering if there is some way of 
reamalginating it the way you can repait shellac which will bond with a 
new layer?

I have a pic I can send, haven't sorted out how to post to the online 
list spot.

Any suggestions welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you!


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