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277731 Frank Filippone <bmwred735i@g...> 2023‑09‑10 Down yet another slope..... Russell Jennings Auger bit
I have 2 workshops... one in California and another at our vacation house.....

The Hole shop uses power tools.

My wife has FORBIDDEN the use of power tools at our vacation home.� NO
ELECTRONS!� ( actually, low noise and less powder/dirt).� After 50+ years, I

I have a workbench there. wish to put in an old fashioned MF bench stop.� It
requires a 1 inch deep hole through the bench. and a 2 inch hole that is
about 1 inch deep.

The problem is the 1 inch hole...... I had planned to use a brace and bit to
make the hole ( actually 2 ho;es, as I will install 2 of these).

Thought I had one, but find that I do not..

Finally getting to the point, ...

 �I need to acquire a 1 inch Russell Jennings pattern auger bit for a� brace.

I will use it to drill 2 holes,� 3 inches deep.� That is it....

Does anyone have an appropriately sized and prices specimen that he would part

Yes, it needs to be shipped........


Frank Filippone
277734 Frank Filippone <bmwred735i@g...> 2023‑09‑10 Re: Down yet another slope..... Russell Jennings Auger bit
Thanks to every one that replied with both ideas and offers to supply the
bit.... Thanks to Joshua Clark I will have my bit.....

Frank Filippone

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