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277732 Mike DeLong <mpdelong@g...> 2023‑09‑10 FS - Rob Kempinski Chisel Plane Kit
Here's the short version of a long story - Shortly after I bought this kit
I packed for a move to a house without a shop; followed by another move to
a house without a shop; then several years until a new shop was built; and
finally accidentally finding this kit in an unmarked box in the shop attic
earlier this year.

My 75-year old memory is fuzzy about the kit's history, but I know I bought
it from Rob Kempinski, a fellow Texan and porch denizen at that time
(around early 1998). My memory is that Rob designed the plane and had the
body and lever cap made at a local foundry. Though it has "No 97" forged
into the body, it is not a Stanley #97 replica. It is much smaller.
Lie-Nielsen makes a "half-size" version of the Stanley #97, but this one is
even smaller than their model. Here are the kit specs:
    The body is 1.5" wide and 5" long with a 15-degree blade angle and a cap
        (I'm guessing it is probably ductile iron)
    The blade is 0.1875" (3/16") thick x 1.5" wide x 4" long
        (I'm guessing it is probably O1 steel)
    There is a beautifully turned knob of an unknown but gorgeous wood
    A 2.25" long 1/4-20 brass screw for the knob (already drilled)
    A 1" long 1/4-20 brass knurled thumb-screw for tightening the cap
    A 3/4" long #10-24 machine screw for holding the blade to the body
    The boxed kit weighs 27.9 oz.

All the work for this kit is drilling, threading and smoothing the metal
parts; not something I am inclined to tackle at this point in my life. So I
thought it best to offer it to a fellow Galoot. I have no record of what I
paid for the kit in 1998, but based on a guess of $60, I am offering it 50%
off - $30 + $10 shipping (small USPS Flat Rate box). I'm not charging for
aging the cast steel 8-). Hopefully, the pictures below will answer all
your questions.

If interested contact me at mpdelong@g... The first definite "I'll
take it" gets it. Standart Oldtools terms - I ship, you pay when received
if happy, or return it if unhappy.

Mike DeLong

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