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277422 Kirk Eppler 2023‑05‑26 Re: Need to recover the plan for the circa 1999 Saw Till Galoot Group Project
I have some drawing of some Sawtill plans, pix, not too many words.  Just
uploaded them here and following.  These are gif files, so apologies for
the quality.


I also have a PDF of the original directions, downloaded from
WebArchive.org (wayback machine), from Shavings.net.  Get your own copy
from the first link here, still very much alive


Anyone that wants the full copy, drop me an email

Kirk Eppler in half moon bay, ca, really needing a long weekend to recharge
my batteries.

On Fri, May 26, 2023 at 4:17 AM Dennis Heyza 

> Not sure about on the web, but there was a 'Galoot Saw Till' article in
> the October 2000 issue of Popular Woodworking. It was by Samuel Peterson,
> who was on the Porch in those days. Pretty sure it was close, if not
> exactly, to the original project. I may have a copy of that issue somewhere.
> Dennis Heyza
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> Subject: [oldtools] Need to recover the plan for the circa 1999 Saw Till
> Galoot Group Project
> Gentle Galoots,
> I need help to recover the plan for the Galoot Saw Till Group Project from
> circa 1999 or 2000.
> Using Google to do a search site:https://swingleydev.com/ot/ "saw till"
> got some hits, but many of the links in the posts seem to have suffered
> "link rot".
> Does anyone have the plan as it was published?
> --

Kirk Eppler in Half Moon Bay, CA 

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