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277413 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2023‑05‑26 Re: Need to recover the plan for the circa 1999 Saw Till Galoot Group Project

Thank you for connecting the dots between the Galoot Group Project and the well-
known Popular Woodworking piece !

Not sure about on the web, but there was a 'Galoot Saw Till' article in the
October 2000 issue of Popular Woodworking. It was by Samuel Peterson, who was on
the Porch in those days. Pretty sure it was close, if not exactly, to the
original project. I may have a copy of that issue .

That's on line here:

The byline is Mike Siemsen and the publication date is given as June 19, 2020.

Thanks again!
John Ruth
Searching the OLDTOOLS archive for this plan brought back happy memories of
galoots who have gone to the Great Shop in The Sky.

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