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277402 Bill Kasper <dragon01list@g...> 2023‑05‑23 Re: Rough sawn Douglas fir
chuck, back in the mid-Oughts i picked up some floor joists from a san
francisco warehouse built in the 1880s that was torn down and the joists
salvaged.  very cheaply (i can't recall what i paid, but it was way beyond
worth renting a flatbed trailer, the neighbor and his truck, paying for gas
and food up to san francisco and back on a saturday).  all old growth doug
fir, mostly quartersawn.  i've given two roubo-workbenches-worth away to
bay area galoots (one now sadly relocated), and have a 16' 4x18 that is
waiting to become a benchtop.  plus a huge amount of the rest...

it's hard as hell to work, the latewood grain will detach and curl up if
you don't use a scraper from the second cut, and you must predrill it with
sharp drill bits...but once done it's stable, and beautiful.  our
mantlepiece is made from a 5' 4x6 piece and we love it.  shellac rubbed out
with a paper bag.

felton, ca

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