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277397 Don Schwartz <dks@t...> 2023‑05‑22 Re: Rough sawn Douglas fir
I built the base of my bench - butt-jointed with all-thread in grooves - 
with 3 & 4in Doug Fir. And vise liners. Still have some hunks left. The 
split top was provided by LV. Very happy with the result. It's heavy and 
reasonably attractive, and was built in little time. Probably any bench 
advocated by Schwarz or Sellars would suit. My only reservation with it 
is that it can produce nasty irritating splinters, which is one reason 
to use something else for the top. Even if you were wanting a 
Continental bench with a shoulder vise, DF would provide a suitable 
base. If I had a bunch of those timbers, and the patience for it, I'd be 
tempted to cut one into 1in sections and cover 100 sq ft of concrete 
workshop floor with it - but not using a handsaw!


On 2023-05-22 3:24 p.m., Rick B wrote:
> Gentlemen, I had the fortune of obtaining some #2 sized 8" by8" by 24' long. I
have some sold already but have a few pics left. Located in northern Indiana
would be willing to sell or trade for it. If your wanting to make a stout bench
hot me up offline.
> But for discussion purposes what kind of bench would you make from this
> Regards, Rick


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