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277094 Brian Ward <bri@a...> 2023‑03‑11 The Road From Damascus 2023
Well, I'm back from the far corner of the county where the PATINA show is held.
Recluse that I am, I don't know many folks in the region, but I did stop by the
Olde River Damascus Branch to say hello to Mr. Seo, and congratulate him on his
recent YouTube foray.

Weather report: It was obnoxiously cold and windy outside, but at least it
didn't rain or snow. Inside, it was warmer with an AQI of iron oxide and galoot.

As usual, I bought more than I thought I would, though it does all fit in one


On the left, two Hargrave handscrews; the larger with a repaired jaw that I
might need to replace at some point. To whomever it was who sold me these, I
should have probably come back to get one of the larger ones. Doh.

Right side, top to bottom:
Thin, round-sole wooden plane, Buck Brothers iron, replacement wedge.
Chapin Union side boxed bead plane.
Two chisels, one Stanley Defiance and the other is unmarked. More chisels?
Seemed like a good idea at the time.
Wiss No. 22. shears.
Two Starrett dividers and a little German-made compass, all from Tony.
277102 Paul Gardner <yoyopg@g...> 2023‑03‑13 Re: The Road From Damascus 2023
Great stuff Brian,

Being skunked by Bay Area weather repeatedly over the last few months, the
FleaBags (which still consider you a fully paid-up member) are betting on a
bountiful haul if the 1st Sunday in April is dry.  We'll see.  I expect to
see some of those in use in some of your upcoming YouTube videos.

-Paul, in SF

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