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277097 Tony Seo 2023‑03‑12 PATINA March 2023 Recap
Well another PATINA is in the books.  Here are some picks and ramblings
about the show.

The drive down started off okay, then I hit some light snow at Camp Hill
PA which continued down to just north of Frederick, but it wasn't
sticking and at Frederick it just turned to rain.  Of course that killed
off any tailgating that day.

This was the room on Friday during dealer setup


My setup, I had 4 saws and a flat full of unplated screws that got
snagged before I was even done unloading.


I headed back to Frederick to get settled in for the night and wound up
driving through hurricane level downpours on I-70 which was not a lot of


3:45 AM came way too early, but I was up and on the road.  There were
only a couple of guys starting to set up when I got there, but people
starting pulling in and the goods came out.  Here are a couple of pics
from out there where it was 30 F or so degrees out with a steady heavy
wind and it was cold.  The number of tailgate sellers was less than
2/3rds of what it was the last time I was down there.



Then it was into the show.  We had a few Early Bird buyers and then the
doors opened at 8:00 AM.  Here are a few Saturday morning show pics. 
The inside dealer count was also down from previous years.



And of course, Little ole me.


The crowd was light, but steady.  Galoots that I saw included Bill Ghio
with whom I left some money with, Tom Dugan, Brian Ward, Joshua Clark,
whom I haven't seem in like 20 years and we spent most of the day
walking by each other, Todd Hughes who was moving pretty slow, but was
moving, and a couple of others that said hello and I just don't remember
their names.

Pickings were good, not flea market cheap, but I did well.  On the
hammer and metal working side of things I got a couple of Lignum Vitae
mallets, the one needs some handle help, but the heads are fairly good,
a smaller cross peen hammer, a hand forged strap head claw hammer (I
missed a really nice and older one..sigh), a neat user crafted
silversmithing hammer, a signed jointer's hammer, a square face
denglestock, a Warrington Pattern hammer, a pair of small blacksmith
tongs, the jaws on the lower one are angled and cross hatched, and a
patented tinsmith's gutter forming anvil.


 From the hand forged side of things, there is a small hand forged
hammer head, a hand forged dough scraper, a nice PA style belt axe, an
early hammer poll tomahawk head, a great hand forged from a file
turnscrew, a neat double ended screwdriver, a rosewood handle tooth key,
a great early hand forged sugar hammer, a pair of forged food choppers
that need some work, and a pair of hand forged 18th Century dividers,
the bigger one is signed, but is missing the screw, the other one has
the original screw.


Trade tools include an 1880 patent Colt wheelwright's bolt clamp (very
uncommon), a hand vise USA made, set 3 boat builder's caulking irons, a
nice rosewood cobblers seaming or creasing tool, a good leather awl, a
Gomph heading or round knife, and a pair of Schollhorn patent outside


Last up are the woodworking tools.  Starting with a Taylor patent 11"
sweep brace, set 6 quill and lipped augers, set 3 complex molding
planes, the middle one is 18th Century and faintly signed, a nice Union
1 3/4" gouge, a rosewood and brass chairmaker's devil or hollow scraper,
a Victorian beader that needs some work, a big concave bladed spoke
shave, a nice looking saw sharpening wrest, a Chapin Stevens marking
gage, and a pair of Stanley No. 49 auger bit depth gages.


The ride back was nice, but very, very windy.


I want to thank John Davis and Dave Murphy for all of their great work
in getting the show together.

And yes, there will be video (probably 2 later in the week when I get
some time to put them together)

Tony (still roadburned and wore out...)

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