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277088 Tony Seo 2023‑03‑10 Re: The Road To Damascus 2023 - Prelude
On 3/9/2023 2:09 PM, tzmti@c... wrote:
> I had plans to make it to Patina (was there for the Oct. 1, 2022
sale/auction), but it is looking unlikely that I will make it.  I'm hoping
Tony's video captures everything outside & inside.
Well I'm hoping that it comes out okay..
>   I hope that the filming does not show a Millers Falls #15 plane (Stanley
5-1/2 size) that I am seeking.
Just tell me how much you wanna spend and add a 25% "carrying" charge 
and I'll find one for ya..he he he
> To all Galoots that will be there, remember I always have been there in
"stealth mode" anyways, and only seen by a few that have the power to see
(namely Tony See-All).  Have a great time!

Yeah he is sneaky like that....

Tony (almost packed............)

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