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277003 Kirk Eppler 2023‑02‑17 Re: Kennedy Tool Box
so the short answer, you have a drawer lock, and want to convert it into a
chest lock.

I'm guessing the doohickey is pretty close to the same regardless of the
key style.  Most of mine are older, and have the flat key.  I can send you
a traceable image of said doohickey, and you can make a wood or fiberobard
one, see if it fits, and adjust as needed before you go to metal.


On Thu, Feb 16, 2023 at 4:51 PM Frank Filippone 

> OK.. Time to explain.....  This Box has no lock.  None.  No key either.
> What I am attempting to do is to use a different model Kennedy Lock (
> that I bought on the cheap, new, old stock, as in $10) and modify it or
> this box.
> Here is what I need to find out...
> There is a moving piece of metal (I call this the doo jiggey.) that
> rotates when the key is turned.  This latches into the top of the box to
> lock it.
> I bought a lock that has a long metal piece, but has no cut out to lock
> into the top.  it is too long and it does not have the notch essential
> for locking.
> What I need to do is to cut the metal doo jiggey on the lock, to match
> the smaller correct doo jiggey piece and to cut the notch. Metal file
> (and maybe a hack saw) work!
> To do that, I need a couple of measurements from the lock.... overall
> length of doo jioggey, width and depth and relative location of notch on
> the doo jiggey..
> So there you have it.... What and why.....
> Frank Filippone
> BMWRed735i@g...
> On 2/16/2023 4:25 PM, cowtown_eric wrote:
> > if it is unlocked, take the lock out and take it to a locksmith. Tubular
> > locks can have keys made.
> >
> > OTOH, the Kennedy website lists replacement tubular locks locks for
> around
> > 40$ , probably the cheaper alternative.
> >
> > If it ws a flat lock, frugal me just picked it, removed the cylinder and
> > removed the tabs....I did have a key in the junk pile that fit, so I just
> > fit in flats in the clyinder until I found one that would allow the key
> to
> > turn.
> >
> > Although I've never attempted to pick a circular lock, Youtube may hold
> the
> > answer., bu t you'd still have to have a key to fit !!!
> >

Kirk Eppler in Half Moon Bay, CA 

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