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276892 Adam R. Maxwell 2023‑01‑10 Re: Question about an EC Atkins backsaw
> On Jan 9, 2023, at 17:37 , Christian Gagneraud  wrote:
> Which is a bit weird, most (all?) of my backsaws have a stamp on the spine.

My user stash had led me to believe that spine stamping and etches were usually
mutually exclusive (Disston being a notable exception). Groves, Moulson Bros,
and a few others have stamping but no discernible etch (though I can't rule out
disappearance over time). My Atkins and a Warren & Ted have an etch but no spine

Did any British backsaws have an etch? I should pull HSMOB off the shelf and see
what it says, since I have a tiny sample size here.


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