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276886 scottg <scottg@s...> 2023‑01‑09 Re: So when did Scott meet Scott?
Quesions I got questions!!
Mornin' folks

  The horse is 8" deep. 12 would be unwieldy.
The heavy stationary sawbench is 12" deep and you are not carrying it 
anywhere. hahaha

With the removable tool tote on top, plus the well underneath it, there 
is plenty of room for long tools in the portable horse.
  Yes its heavy (but I didn't load it up like its loaded now with every 
single drawer stuffed tight hahhaah)
But with the gap between the tote and the top I can slip my forearms in, 
and lift with my legs easily.
I was aiming for a station wagon tailgate, not a 1 ton 4wd monster truck 
     I didn't travel with the second horse loaded up with hammers and 
axes either, btw.  haahahah

   The three legs were a nod to stability out in a driveway, but also 
because I mostly work with my elbows in close to my body. Working close 
to the bench meant splayed legs at 4 corners would be a tripping 
hazard.  2 legs splayed and one straight worked fine.

   The alarm signal was provided by a Smith and Wesson 36, Chief's 
model. 38 special and a 2" long tube means its loud enough to make 
everyone sorry when it goes off.  haahaahah

   This was all a long time ago. I had many tools and appliances in my 
shop and Scott 'n me happily played like boys with toys all that day.
    At that time --very-- few were making and customizing tools at all.
The delight he clearly showed in work I'd done was pretty inspirational

Many things you have seen me post over the years were designed and made 
later though.

    Landis, being definitely one of us, was tolerated at Taunton but not 
especially celebrated.
  Taunton sells ad space for a living. That's what a magazine does.
So articles on drawer pulls sell better with management, with a new 
Powermatic table saw clearly showing in the background, if you see what 
I mean.
   Stanley, Lee Valley and Lie Neilsen all take minimal ad space in FWW, 
but 4 page full color spreads are bought by the bigger profit generating 
outfits. The ones that go for 6 or $12,000 apiece sales.
   Its not mandatory to use sponsors products in every shot. But the 
more the better.

   The kind of tools I make and alter can be tolerated in print 
occasionally.  But they would be much more welcome with a brand new 
Laguna 26" spiral head planer showing and at least a few words praising 
it,................... and I don't got one.

Speaking of print, there is a new book just released on screwdrivers by 
Don Wilwol. It has one of my Perfect Handles on the cover. The book is 
also peppered with my work all the way though.
  At least I think so.  He is not sending me a copy. :(
   yours scott

    Scott Grandstaff
    Box 409 Happy Camp, Ca  96039

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