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276885 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2023‑01‑09 Large triangular burnisher (?) marked "F&E Made in USA"

A "Whatzit Mystery" for your consideration.
I recently bought two mystery tools at a local Flea. ( Observation on that,
later. )

They appear to be large triangular burnishers.  Envision a 12" triangular
tapered file without teeth nor any sign that it ever had teeth. It's in a 5"
wooden handle with a brass ferrule that's made of simple brass tubing. ( Tool is
17" LOA ).

The edges are slightly rounded and the sides are flat.  This pretty much ruled
out a "bearing scraper", as bearing scrapers have sharp edges and a concave
relief on each side.

The tip shows some signs of corner-rounding, but only for about 1/4" back from
the tip.

All three sides have a trademark just above the tang. ( i.e. in the same
position as a file would be stamped. ). Why would the maker stamp all three

The mark is "J & F" enclosed in an ellipse. "Made in USA" is wrapped around the
exterior of the eclipse.

My speculations run toward a folding or creasing tool for bookbinding. Second
most likely seems to be leatherwork.

Now, that observation I hinted at: The mere fact that I bought two tools without
knowing what they are is a symptom of the disease we all have!

John Ruth
Metuchen, NJ

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