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276883 Mark van Roojen <mvr1@e...> 2023‑01‑09 Re: Question about an EC Atkins backsaw
Chris wrote:

>I just stumbled upon an old EC Atkins saw, just like that! :)
>12", It has a fruit wood handle, brass screws and medaillon. But it
>doesn't seem to have any marking on the spine. Does anyone know if it
>should have one?

What do you mean "on the spine"?  Most saws will have etches on the 
side of the blade (generally the left side).  Backsaws do have a 
spine and sometimes but not always have something stamped on the 
spine.  (You didn't say whether it is a backsaw.)  Generally these 
stampings would also be on the left side and near the middle.

Even the stamped ones will still have etched information.  Even when 
there is rust you can bring them up if you are careful.  Since the 
etches go into the blade a very small ways you don't want to be 
aggressive.  I believe Patrick Leach used to recommend using a razor 
blade and oil. I've had decent luck using a not very aggressive 
sharpening stone lying flat on the blade while the blade is evenly 
supported from behind.


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