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276877 scottg <scottg@s...> 2023‑01‑09 Re: So when did Scott meet Scott?
The Workbench book was 40 years ago, to me. That's
when it was being written and I met Landis.
> So wait a minute, wait a minute here. You can't just drop a phrase like
> that and leave it, I don't care whose birthday it is. We have pictures, so
> it did happen, but tell us how!
OK I know I have told the story before, but here goes.
  Around about 78 I had a thought. How come nobody ever combined a 
sawhorse, workbench and toolbox into one?
   The capability (vise n dogs) of a workbench in smaller scale and all 
you need is another regular sawhorse to go with?
    At the time I was doing light construction and furniture refinishing 
work  in my little town, and I needed something to take on the road.

  One day I made a crude drawing and sent it to Fine Woodworking shop 
tips.  They got someone who could actually draw to redo it, and put it 
in right away.
   Then later they made a Shop fixtures book (or some such title)
And after that a "best of" book. They put the sawbench in all of them.

   Several years went by and one day I got a call from Scott Landis. He 
was doing a book and would I let him include me?
Wull sure, I sez.
  He was doing a tour (Landis took most if not all of the pictures in 
the book)
and where did I live? So I gave him directions and we set a date.
   The morning before the agreed date, I was at the end of the valley 
digging in a pre-1900 dump for old bottles, when I heard 2 quick shots.
  2 shots was the family signal for get your ass home! (Cell phones 
were  years away.)
I jumped on my bicycle and screamed off.

  It was Landis a day early. It turned out one of his other authors 
wasn't so much fun to be around, so he took a chance I might be home.

   We had a great day!! With so much in common and my shop full of stuff 
to play with (even then I was messing around with custom and restored 
tools)  and good food and endless laughter, we just made a day of it.



   yours scott

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