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276622 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2022‑11‑24 Re: WTB: Seeking parts
Stephan and Galoots Looking for "Mister Goodpart":

If you can't find the pieces you need to restore the mitre box to "as new", you
can at least make the box function by fabricating "work alike" parts.

Some random hints:

* Friends may have metal lathes and milling machines.

* Hacksaws, Files, Cold Chisels, and small abrasive stones ( "Stone Files" )
Most woodworkers would be mildly amazed at what one can do to metal with a set
of appropriate cold chisels. Watch the fleas and yard/boot sales for diamond-
point, nosing, and other shapes.

* Aluminum and Brass can be used ; softer, thus easier to work.

* "Drill Rod" is a source of smooth round rods for length stops.

* The outboard supports for the length stops, and the stops themselves, are a
simple drill press job.

* The sliding stops may be nothing more than dovetail metal strips with a round
rod upright. The upright can be held by a machine screw; no welding required.

Another take on fabricating Stanley Miter Box parts:


What other people do, you can learn to do.

John Ruth

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