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276616 Kirk Eppler 2022‑11‑23 Re: unforeseen challenges
Heck, stand them up in front of the bench, and holdfast them to the bench,
Says he confidently, who has never done it this way before.  Then you only
have to move the stuff hanging over the front edge of the bench.

Kirk in Half Moon Bay, dispensing useless information across multiple
platforms today it seems,  Must be time for a holiday break, happy
thanksgiving to our US correspondents.

On Wed, Nov 23, 2022 at 1:30 PM Darrell  wrote:

> So, on to the challenges. The biggest one I am fighting with
> right now is the sheer size of the panels I am dealing with.
> They are 15 X 42 inches. That's not so bad when you're
> planing or scraping them. You put some stops on the bench,
> maybe a holdfast or two, and everything works fine. But I am
> past that part of the project, and I'm cutting tenons.
> Big tenons on the ends of big boards. I am having to orient
> the stock several ways, for various operations. The bench
> is pretty large (3 feet by 7 feet) so I *should* be able to do
> this, but I am finding it difficult. There are too many tools
> on the bench to allow for all the requisite position changes
> of the stock. I keep having to move tools back and forth,
> or pick them up off the floor from whence they have fallen.

Kirk Eppler in Half Moon Bay, CA 

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