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276603 cowtown_eric <ecoyle@t...> 2022‑11‑21 Re: zoom meetig - post mortum
I can't promise that the link will work next week, but I hope it does.d
which can run from 4am to 7pm MS

As stated it is my wife's account and she uses it for her business, which
can run from 3-4Am  to 7 pm MST and I am under imperative  and explicit
instructions that it MUST not interfere with her work

Trying to set it up so the link is only valid 7-10 pm MST, but as the
account is only a few days old, She and i are really only tyros with it, so
please bear with us/me...growth experience, etc etc.

On Sun, Nov 20, 2022 at 3:28 PM Stager, Scott P. 

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