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276355 Tony Seo 2022‑09‑23 Fall 2022 Kutztown PA Antiques Extravaganza
Today kicked off the Fall 2022 Kutztown PA Antiques Extravaganza, which
is their last show for the season.  It was sunny but the temp was 48F
(8C) when I got there with a steady 15 mph plus wind.  Let's just say,
that fall has moved in quickly around these parts.

Those folks who follow me on Facebook are used to my Postcards From The
Road Of Life pictures.  This was the view this morning as I was driving


Waiting for the show to start.


The field wasn't really full, lots of empty spaces.


Even the pavilions had some empty spots.


Anyone want to take a guess at how heavy that big boy was....


Pickings started off slow, but got better as I moved around.  In the
metal end of things, I got a 22" Heller blacksmith tongs, an unusual
double eye hand forged hook, an early Mount brass head tack hammer, a
small hand forged pick with the original handle, a small hand forged
claw hammer, a hand forged three bladed screwdriver, and a heavy cross
peen hammer with a signed cast iron handle.


Woodworking tools included an 8" James Swan draw knife, an early Stanley
No 71 S casting router plane with the patent date, a Starrett No. 92
extension divider, a brass frame mill knife, a hand forged gimlet, a set
of No. 106 Millers Falls carving tools in the original box, a couple of
early patented raker gages, a pair of Simonds saw setting hammer wrests,
a Simonds saw setting spider, and a Sterns style cast iron file handle.


All in all, not a bad haul for 1 1/2 hours of walking.  Now it's time to
really get to work (yeah right)

Tony (with a weekend full of flea market runs as well on his plate). --

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