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276074 gary allan may 2022‑08‑05 Re: The man in the pub.
Hi Steve, and Scott!

   A longer-than-the-#8- made-by-Stanley Bailey bench plane? 

   If anybody knew, it'd be Patrick Leach, and if he knew about it, he'd've
said. See Blood and Gore--

B&G's  #8 entry has a bonus photo of O'Deen. What a goofball. Still he makes
Stanley's largest plane look rather smaller than it actually is and there's not
many as can do that.

                   and all the best to all galoots everywhere--gam in OlyWA,
home of legal pot


    On Friday, August 5, 2022 at 11:01:26 AM PDT, Scott 
> > Seems plausible but unlikely.  Where are they?  Seems not too long ago a
> book on metal planes of PA was published citing the range of sizes of
> jointers.  Almost immediately somebody popped up with a bigger plane than
> listed.  A Hahn IIRC. Publication of a new compendium is alway a point for
> someone to offer evidence of errors or omissions, and a lot has been
> published about Stanley yet no Stanley superjointers have cropped up.

Also I find it hard to believe that Stanley publishing all of its catalogs
wouldn't list the option on some catalog page in some catalog somewhere.
Since they were selling things by the doz or more, they weren't a direct to
consumer mail order catalog, and printing was arguably more expensive or at
least a PITA in those days I would think these plus sizes would have made
it into one or more of their annual catalogs

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