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276069 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2022‑08‑05 Re: The man in the pub.

In addition to the super-long jointers used by makers of wooden water tanks,
there were wooden long jointers for coopers in making barrel staves.

Some of these coopers stave planes have two sockets for legs! The plane was set
"sole up" at an angle, and the stave pulled downward across the blade while the
plane remained stationary.

The idea of a super-long Bailey jointer in a Kingdom known for magnificent
infill planes seems odd on three counts:

1) A infill "superjointer" ( tm John Ruth ) can be made any length without
special castings.

2) Cast iron gonna get kinda fragile in long sizes. You're only gonna drop it
3) Weight vs. Rigidity.  I'd expect that a woodie or transitional superjointer
would be a more practical proposition!

On just what part(s) of a snooker table were these planes used?  Were they
flattening the slate?

John Ruth

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