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276065 Richard Wilson <yorkshireman@y...> 2022‑08‑05 The man in the pub.

I received the following.  

The author is a galoot in all but subscription to OldTools.

Comments?  Opinions?  (As if there wouldn’t be any opinions here) 

Here’s the extract. - Fact or Fantasy?

	Were you aware that the no.8 plane was not the largest that Stanley produced?
        I was talking to a man in the pub whose father had been MD of Stanley,
and it appears that although the no 8 was the largest one produced for the
general galooterie, there were a number of others, up to 15. I understand that
these monsters were among other things used by the makers of snooker
tables..They were made to order, so probably few were made and even fewer
        If the man in the pub was not talking through his hat, these special
models would be worth a small fortune.

Yorkshireman Galoot
in the most northerly county, farther north even than Yorkshire
IT #300

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