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276061 the_tinker <tinker@z...> 2022‑08‑03 Re: wood for outdoor handrail
Ok. Here's my Black Locust story-

Years ago my wife said she would like a genuine stacked rail fence to
border our rustic backyard. I had a friend who was building a few houses
in a new development on former farmland (US suburban eyesore, Jeff).
Every property had locust trees on it. He had the excavators save the
trunks in random lengths and my friend and I would split them with
wedges and sledges and haul them to my place and start stacking. Took
all summer but my wife got exactly what she wanted. Gained a whole new
respect for Abe Lincoln that summer. The only maintenance I do is every
few years I lift the corners with a spud bar and slide a new sandstone
rock underneath because the winter freeze/thaw and the weight of the
fence pushes them into the ground. The rock stacks have to be near the
frost line now because the fence is almost 30 years old. Lots of moss
and lichen on it but the wood is as dense and solid as it ever was.



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