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275919 gary allan may 2022‑07‑14 Re: successful failure
   I once had a local woman try to sell me a 'tobacco cutter' made in
Massachusetts clearly labelled as a 'Lion Miter Trimmer'. She had owned it for
many years, and displayed it in her restaurant; Jules Mae's of Georgetown WA,
along with other doodads from the woods.
   I know I'm not the only one who told her 'It's not for tobacco.'
   Point is, I've been watching people smoke, sniff and chew for 60 years or so,
and I never saw anyone use one of these to cut tobacco. Them as couldn't bite
off a chew always used a pocketknife, as I recall.
  Nice knife, though, whatever its intended use.
                    and best, to all galoots everywhere-gam in OlyWA


    On Tuesday, July 12, 2022 at 02:05:59 PM PDT, the_tinker 
 So I was near the store where I saw the tobacco cutter and it was still 
there. Grabbed it and would like to report the knife part makes a 
passable light duty bench froe. My chisels are happy.


On 7/3/22 11:16, the_tinker wrote:
> Oooo. I just saw a very used-up and busted tobacco chopper at an 
> antique store. The blade (and little else) were there. Photo 7 gave me 
> an idea...
> On 7/2/22 22:35, Michael Blair wrote:
>> Mine's much prettier, but figure 7 in this article shows 3 examples;
>> https://craftsofnj.org/index.php/froes-by-hank-allen
>> Mike in Woodland.

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