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275840 John Davis 2022‑07‑02 PATINA Tool Auction July 10, 2022
July 10, 2022 Meeting: PATINA Tool Auction McLean VA
List and photo to be added to patinatools.org

Come one come all to an old-fashioned Tool auction! Tools sold to the high
bidder on-site.
Bring plenty of cash... and carry! 

The family of a former PATINA member would like tools sold immediately to a good
All tools are in great condition. Lots include excellent chisels, gouges, saws,
axes, shaves,
low angle planes, an uncommon Howkin's plane, braces, bits, hollow augers, spoke
pointers, and more items not listed.

As a community service endeavor, all Auction proceeds from this McLean event
will go to the consignor.
Our normal tool swap begins at around 0830.
 The auction will commence around 11:30. 
We have not auctioned tools of this condition in quite a while so please attend
and help spread the word.

Donations are accepted, to help cover the cost of the facility rent.
McLean Post 270
American Legion
 1355 Balls Hill Road - McLean, Virginia  22101

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