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275837 Frank Filippone <bmwred735i@g...> 2022‑07‑02 Re: Are these piano tuner's hammers?
The word VOICING refers to the piano keyboard felt hammers, the things that
strike the keys.

If your piano has the wrong "VOICING" ( too bright or too dull sound) , then the
hammer is too hard or too soft.  This is fixed by either smoothing the hammer (
which is what this tool is used for) or it is "plucked" with a thing that looks
like a bunch of pins all stuck together.  YOU use THIS tool by sticking it into
the hammer, causing it to get more ... fluffy.....

Our piano needed to be voiced by our tuner and she used the plucked tool to
lessen the brightness of the tones.

Frank Filippone


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